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What do Beacon employees like about working here? Ask them, and you will hear stories about growth and collaboration, creativity and best practice. We have a deep commitment towards supporting both students and teachers. Our faculty and staff  play many roles in their daily lives. They are teachers, administrators, artists, coaches, parents, experts, counselors, community volunteers, and individuals who are committed to learning.

We are always looking for passionate and purposeful individuals to join our team. Contact us on with your CV and relevant documents.

Available positions

  • Elementary / Junior School teachers for Year 3
  • Elementary / Junior School teacher for Year 4
  • Elementary / Junior School Co teacher


Job Description :  A facilitator for children between the ages of 9 to 12 under IPC to develop students’ academic skills and foster social, physical and emotional growth.


Prerequisites :

  • Bachelor Degree (A teaching qualification is desirable)
  • Experience in teaching Junior School
  • Ability to create positive and exciting learning environments

Job Description : Provide administrative support to the library, keeps up to date stock of all inventory, and assists in other educational activities that encourage usage of the library resources



  • Bachelor in Library Science.
  • Sound understanding of the library management issues and library science.
  • Networking capability – liaison with agencies and educational institutes.
  • Detailed approach to activities – look at all finer aspects and dwell deep into a topic / task
  • Good written and verbal communication skills

The responsibility of the Junior School Coordinator is to demonstrate the understanding of the Curriculum, monitoring the effective implementation of the programme, interaction with parents and the students, responsible for the professional development of the faculty.


Requirements :

  • A Master’s degree in any discipline
  • Proven track record in similar positions in reputed schools
  • 5 years of teaching experience
  • Minimum 2 years of administrative experience
  • Ability to demonstrate the knowledge of the specific requirement of the programme


Responsibilities :

  • To ensure smooth transaction of the curriculum
  • To work with the faculty to develop course outlines, unit plans and scheme of work
  • To plan the staff deployment and timetabling for the Junior School
  • Assist the Head of School in matters relating to the Junior School
  • Selection and procurement of text books and resources for the Junior School
  • Ensuring updating of information on the school management system
  • Communication with the parents and the students
  • Ensuring suitable professional development opportunities for all staff.

Beacon Academy is seeking a Physical Education teacher, for its Junior, Middle and Senior school programs for next Academic Year.



  • Experience in international and inquiry based curricula design, development and implementation
  • Teaching qualification and certification in a Physical Education and teaching experience in an international school setting
  • A clean criminal record clear of any charges or convictions relating to children, and working with them
  • Proven ability to effectively work within a team if expatriate, at least 5 years teaching experience



  • A relevant degree, experience and qualification
  • International teaching experience in the IGCSE and a coherent, proven and accessible approach to critical thinking, and quantitative and qualitative literacy, within the subject knowledge domain
Beacon Academy is seeking a Technology teacher.
The role could also involve teaching another subject, such as Business, or Humanities. Beacon is an Inquiry- and Concept-Based Learning school, and implements the International Primary Curriculum (IPC), the International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC), Cambridge Primary 1 and Secondary 1 curriculum (and the Cambridge Checkpoint exams), the IGCSE in Years 9-10, and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) in Years 11-12. We expect to have up to 300 students next year.
  • A passion for eLearning
  • Technology (digital) teaching experience in a Secondary school setting, including using iPads, laptops, and Apple devices and applications
  • Experience with international curricula, and with inquiry curricula design, development and implementation
  • A criminal record clear of any charges or convictions relating to children, and working with them
  • Proven ability to effectively work within a team
  • If a non-native speaker, evidence of fluency in written, spoken and read English (eg. IELTS grade, TEFL grade, Jobstreet English test)
  • Teaching qualification and/or certification to teach Technology
  • Experience with the Technology and ICT learning goals and tasks from the Cambridge and IB curricula
  • Experience with teaching Google CS, Scratch and/or Apple Swift Playgrounds preferred

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