Junior School (Year 1-5)


In the Junior School, we encourage learners to be adventurous in their learning, to make mistakes, to recognise and learn from them, and to be confident enough to ask for help. The Academy is a happy, lively and stimulating place of learning where every child is able to achieve and enjoy in a secure environment. We nurture and encourage a spirit of inquiry that challenges our learners to be critical and creative thinker who will take action as a result of their learning.

Cambridge Primary

Cambridge Primary is a curriculum framework aimed at developing English, Mathematics and Science skills, knowledge and understanding in our learners. Through a comprehensive set of learning objectives aligned to the UK National Curriculum, Cambridge Primary provides a natural progression through the five years of Junior School education at the Academy.

Foundation for Secondary Education

The Academy uses Cambridge Primary to identify a learner’s strengths and weaknesses, and to support learning and development. The curriculum provides learners with excellent preparation for the seamless transition into Middle School and beyond.

International Curriculum

Cambridge Primary has been designed to be culturally sensitive by ensuring content is appropriate for local and international schools. As an international programme, Cambridge Primary provides the Academy with an external benchmark to inform its teaching and easily measure learners’ progress over time.

Assessment For Learning

Beacon Academy takes a holistic view of assessment. Students are given the opportunity to demonstrate knowledge, skills and understanding using a variety of assessment methods. Formative assessment provides opportunities for teachers to observe learners, give feedback and further develop assessment items. These assessment opportunities meet each learner’s individual strengths and learning styles. These include observational checklists, presentations, planning and drafting and feedback using pre-determined criteria. Summative assessment uses methods of assessment at the end of a learning cycle. These assessments are in the forms of media projects, research assignments, low-stake testing and formal examinations.


Primary Checkpoint

Cambridge Primary Checkpoint tests are available in English, Mathematics and Science. The results, which are given in detailed feedback reports, help learners understand more about their strengths and weaknesses in these subjects. Beacon Academy then uses this information effectively to help learners achieve better results in the future and make the most of their educational opportunities. The tests are marked by Cambridge International Examinations in the United Kingdom.

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