Our Story

Beacon Academy started from humble beginnings with 23 students in Primary 1 in a refurbished warehouse back in 2008. Being the first school to combine the International Primary Curriculum and Cambridge Primary, students were gaining their knowledge, skills and understanding in a rigorous and fun way. Beacon Academy immediately stood out as an educational institution of choice for parents who wanted something creative and different for their learners.

Over five years, the Academy continued to invest in quality teachers and raised the ‘learning-bar’. Students at the Academy are known in the community as being the most profound and knowledgeable, as learners are fully immersed in the connectedness of their learning with the world around them. Over the years, and with rising student numbers, there has been an increased focus on the use of technology, sports and the arts with the new campus being designed to accommodate these priorities.

Joining the Academy is like joining like-minded families who understand that the world is no longer a place for traditional schooling. The Board of Management from the Ginza Group of Companies’ vision of the future is to ensure that the Academy is known for its pursuit of excellence. The new campus has been built with love and passion under the stewardship of Academy Director, Richard Sidharta, to provide learners with an avenue to imagine, create and innovate as they learn, so they stand out and make a mark for themselves in this dynamic and ever-changing world.

Our Mission

To provide a warm and caring environment which encourages learning through inquiry, academic rigour and international mindedness

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