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The Academy’s strong commitment towards its vision ‘imagine – create – innovate’ lends itself superbly to The Arts, which teaches ways of thinking unavailable in any other discipline. Artists are required to create something from nothing, and this process of creativity transfers to every aspect of adult work. The Academy believes that The Arts have the potential to promote self-understanding and gives artists the capacity to view the world from different perspectives.

Beacon Academy of the Arts (BATA) hosts fantastic arts facilities, igniting passion for passionate and creative individuals to express themselves. BATA comprises two dance studios, two visual arts studios, a film and media production room (due to open in 2016-17), one choral / music suite, an orchestra / band studio, private music practice suites, a rehearsal theatre and a state-of-the-art performing arts theatre.


The Arts programme provides learners with the opportunity to express themselves creatively from an early age. At Junior School, all learners must participate in a complete Arts programme which includes, Visual Arts, Music, Drama and Dance. In Middle School, the Arts programme progresses towards mandatory electives, where learners must choose the areas which they would like to explore in further depth.

In Senior School, learners will choose one area of the Arts which they are most passionate about and excel in. This particular art form will prepare them for their culminating arts portfolio, preparing them for their future study and career. An additional Arts area will be made available in 2016-17 for students in Years 11 and 12 in the form of Film and Media Production.

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