Beacon for Lombok

After a large, 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck the island of Lombok on 5th August 2018, it left wreckage and devastation to the homes and lives of thousands of people. With the intent to extend our support to the lives affected by this disaster, Beacon hosted fundraising activities under the program called, “Beacon For Lombok.” All proceeds and donations are to be sent to Red Cross Indonesia, and Sekolah Nusa Alam, an International School in Lombok currently involved in the relief operations.

This program went on for two weeks, from August 13th to 24th, and the active participation of the students, teachers and parents has been appreciated. Some of the events included “No Uniform Day,” a food bazaar hosted by Beacon’s Enterprise Club, as well as a photo booth during the Independence Day celebration. Lastly, there were donations for the victims of the earthquake in the form of blankets and dry food.

Overall, this fundraising program brought forward the caring and empathetic side of the students, and many were able to participate in making a difference in the lives of the victims of this tragic earthquake. Beacon students raised a whopping total of Rp. 30,000,000, which will be used to help better the lives of thousands of people in Lombok. Everyone’s thoughts and prayers are with the people who have suffered and who have to go against the odds of this disaster.

By : Angelique Sutanto

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