Beacon Academy TOK Conference 2021

Beacon Academy hosted their second TOK Conference on Saturday, 6 March 2021, which revolved around the theme ‘Metaphors of the Mind’. Organisers invited students from nine different schools from around Indonesia to attend the event, where they participated in four workshops: Escape Room, Spyfall, Pictionary and Virtual Exhibition. Each of the workshops had its unique take on the TOK course, yet all focused on certain aspects of the program, including TOK concepts and keywords, areas of knowledge and the TOK Exhibition component.
Apart from that, Ms Jenny Gillett, who is currently the Senior Curriculum Manager for the Theory of Knowledge program, gave an insightful speech about the current TOK course and how it was important in preparing the youth today for the world tomorrow followed by a short Q&A session with the students. Afterwards, an NYU graduate, Raghuveer Vyas, and Beacon Alumnus, Jayesh Ailani, were called to share their thoughts on topics related to TOK. Raghuveer spoke about the real-world manifestation of knowledge claims and used his interests in climate change as an example for his speech. Meanwhile, Jayesh
used visual representations such as simplistic drawings to interest viewers as he spoke about the joys of being a nonconformist.
This conference demonstrated how Theory of Knowledge is able to manifest itself in the real world through different areas of knowledge such as the natural sciences, the human sciences, and the arts. The workshops encouraged participants to not only work together with each other but also to test their problem-solving skills in response to different situations using TOK concepts. Furthermore, the speeches made by the guest speakers emphasized the significance of why TOK is relevant in the IBDP course as a whole. The conference, no doubt, pushed the participants and the organisers to work collaboratively beyond their limits in order to successfully host this year’s TOK Conference.

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