Beacon Visual Art Exhibition

The ongoing Art Exhibition at Beacon Academy is a treat for the senses!

This is showcasing more than 300 art works from various curricula (IPC,IMYC,IGCSE & IB DP) across Junior, Middle and Senior school.

These works are created over a period of one year to culminate into this spectacular show. There are exhibits displaying various types of media explorations like pencil drawings, shadings, colour pencil studies, watercolour, acrylic on canvas, crayons, charcoal, dry pastels etc.

We also see 3 dimensional works like sculptures, reliefs, masks, vases, recycled art etc. Students have displayed collaborative mural projects as well. Various craft techniques like mosaics and origami also has been explored. We can see some works in Photography and Digital media too.

This show highlights students knowledge and understanding in the area of visual art while they have explored various concepts and skills to express their ideas and concepts.

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