Duke of Edinburgh Award

Beacon Academy offers the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award for the students of year 9-12. The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award was recently voted by the United Learning Trust, a consortium of major employers, as the extra-curricular award that they see as most important for potential applicants to have attained at school.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is the world’s leading youth achievement award which is recognized in more than 144 countries with more than 8 million young people who have taken the award so far. The award is highly recommended and recognized by most universities across the world as it builds student profile and portfolio apart from just academics. 

Bronze, Silver and Gold are the three categories in which the students at Beacon can enroll themselves and the award requires those taking part to complete 4 sections: 

 Skill (learning a skill at least once a week) 

 Physical (participating in a physical activity at least once a week) 

 Volunteering (being involved in an activity that benefits others once a week) 

 Expedition or Exploration

Throughout the award journey Students are assisted and monitored by expert professionals in their respective categories to achieve excellent results. 

Many students at Beacon possess a wide variety of qualities, abilities, skills, resources and home support that make them perfect candidates for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. At Beacon, we create a fun, informative, active and encouraging learning environment which stretches, challenges and equips young minds. 

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