Fire symbolises resilience, bravery, and passion. This is a house where there is no shortage of determination, fighting spirit and the will to persist, even when the going gets tough. As captains of Fire, we are honoured to be given the chance to lead this house once again and are grateful for the support from our fellow house members. We always encourage all members to get out of their comfort zone once in a while and participate in events, in the hope that new passions will be discovered. As long-time members of Fire, we have continuously witnessed Fire’s development as a house, and are proud of the growth the house has shown. Day by day, our flames only seem to grow bigger. Our spirit remains resolute, and we aim to continue to form deeper bonds between members of the house.

Sacheev Nathani and Valerie Setiawan - Fire House Captains

When you think of water, what comes to mind? For us, it’s the adaptability, longevity and pristineness of it that makes water. Thus, these are the very qualities that lay the foundation of our house; It’s why our members have been able to adapt to the diverse sports events; it’s why we have been able to persevere and thrive in lasting competitions; it’s why we have been able to remain pure and show sportiveness in every challenge we take on. As House Captains, we hope to further embed these virtues in each and every single member, which will benefit us in achieving our ultimate goal – taking the Elements Cup trophy home.

Daniel Gunawan and Zara Ratnani - Water House Captains

Free, fresh, strong describes exactly what Air is. Our students embody optimism, serenity, lightheartedness, never failing to charge everything they fashion with a breath of their own spirit. Doubt us, and you will lose all chances of winning. Built on trust and friendship, teamwork has become the backbone of Air. We lose together and we win together. As house captains, we aspire to be the trampoline that will spring Air’s potential beyond its limits in everything Beacon has to offer. As defending champions of ‘The Elements Cup’, we are honoured to be in Air and look forward to a bright future.

Drishti Khatwani and Ryan Sastra- Air House Captains

Being a part of the Earth House over the past 12 years, and helping lead it multiple times has taught us how to lead a community of learners and build a strong family. Through the various challenges and competitions we’ve participated in, we can see the continuous enthusiasm of the house members. This has helped us to grow not just as learners, but as leaders of the future as well. Through the multiple years that we’ve taken charge, we have successfully brought our House to victory, becoming the House that won the Elements Cup the most times. Being the current leaders, we look forward to seeing the ever-growing spirit of our House, and the continuation of our legacy as champions.

Angelique Sutanto and Vivek Chugani - Earth House Captains

Score Acquisition

EVENT Air Earth Fire Water
Indonesian Independence Day Air / 246 Earth / 217    Fire / 254 Water / 234
IH Swimming Competition  Air / 6175 Earth / 2000          Fire / 6250 Water / 3425
IH Badminton / Volleyball
IH Football
Challenge Cup Air / 769 Earth / 828 Fire / 740 Water / 516
IH Basketball
Total       7190     3045       7244 4175
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