Fire signifies life, passion, desire, determination, and so much more. As long-time members of the Fire house, we can proudly say that these qualities manifest themselves into the members of the house. Those everlasting qualities instilled into the house have allowed us to strive towards success over the years from being the leading house in 2020, and we will do our best to continue Fire house’s current stride. They say “what you wish to ignite in others must burn within yourself first”. As Fire house captains, we can say with confidence that we have what it takes to lead this house towards greatness.

Edric Trisno (Y12) & Jenell Assnawi (Y12) - Fire House Captains

Air, along with earth, water, and fire, is one of the four classical elements. The element, Air symbolizes the breath of life, communication, intelligence, perception, knowledge, learning, imagination, creativity, and harmony. As it also represents the foundation of life, we as House Captains aim to be the foundation of the Air House, bringing harmony and strengthening bonds among house members. We can proudly say that our house members possess these virtues which have led us up to this point. Members of the Air House strive to always put forth our best effort in everything we do. And, as a family of intellectuals, we will not disappoint our former members and will triumph in order to carry on their legacy.

Desmond Sutanto (Y11) & Anastasya Antoni (Y12) - Air House Captains

Water is a life essential. Its free and pure nature allows it to take the shape of whatever container it is put in and flow smoothly in whatever riverbank it encounters. Just like water, our house aims to embody these concepts of freedom and flexibility. Freedom to explore wherever life and time take us yet still pertaining to our pure and calm nature. Flexibility to go with the flow, adapt to any new environment, and rise up to any challenge thrown at us. No matter how much time passes by, water will always be an ever-constant presence. Water House members strive to reflect this constant presence in our abilities, that is, constantly improving, constantly making an effort and constantly emerging victorious amidst our difficulties. Water is chemically made of hydrogen bonds with numerous hydrogen and oxygen atoms strongly bonded together. Hence, just like this, our members’ spirits are strongly bonded with one another with a sense of unity, sportsmanship and of course, the ambitions to accomplish greater heights. Thus with each and every one of our members’ qualities combined, strong like the hydrogen bonds in water, victory is guaranteed to be ours.

Abishek Daryanani (Y12) & Metta Hormen (Y12) - Water House Captains

As we all know, the Earth is home to various species – be it plants or animals. Much like this planet, the Earth house embraces the talented, ambitious and grounded students that make up our extraordinary family, which we have been building on for as long as Beacon Academy has been standing. We be‘leaf’ in strength in numbers, proven by how we stand tall like trees, tough as rocks, and together like a forest, packed and protected. As natural leaders, whether we are individually seen as ants or elephants, we strive for greatness. Much like our predecessors, we plan to lead our house to victory once again and show that our house is not meant to be dealt with ever-so-lightly.

M. Sabri Suryanegara (Y10) & Tiara Mirchandani (Y12) - Earth House Captains

Score Acquisition

EVENT Air Earth Fire Water
Indonesian Independence Day 50 0 25 100
MS/S Math Festival       75       125               100        25
Total       125 125 125 125
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