Fire symbolizes strength, bravery, and passion. These are the exact characteristics that represent the house of Fire. This is a house where there is no shortage of determination, fighting spirit and the will to persist, even when the going gets tough. As captains, and long time members of Fire, we have seen this house grow and overcome different challenges that it has faced. Our goal, is to continually support and oversee the development of Fire and hopefully win multiple events in the process. We are honoured to serve as house captains and are looking forward to a bright future with this house.

Sacheev Nathani and Hashita Nathani - Captains of Fire House

Carefree and light, the Air house in Beacon explores an imaginative world with energy and spirit. We are radical thinkers, attempting to achieve growth through a myriad of ways. Being one of the four houses, Air reveres Beacon’s goals, primarily open-mindedness for its students. As the house leaders, we strive to attain this through our journey in this esteemed establishment that we are proud to call our school.

Rohit Khatwani & Yuvika Akar - Captains of Air House

The house of Water symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, and confidence. We are the house that continues to show dedication and passion for every house event we participate in even with obstacles along the way. Our goal as house captains, is to continue to be the supporting backbone for our house members. In the past, we have won the elements cup and it is successfully achieved through teamwork and perseverance. We hope to motivate and push our house members towards this target once more, while simultaneously attaining an abundance of values such as trust, commitment, and devotion along the way.

Andrea Satyawan and Divesh Mirchandani - Captains of Water House

Earth is the sole purpose of all elements, since it represents a basis for their existence. Stability and reliability are the strength of our house. Here, we a family of independent learners who thrive upon our strong foundation of trust. We persevere our way through challenges such as sport events and various competitions. Our goal, as a house, is to continue our legacy as champions and our everlasting spirit.

Saheen Parsomal - Captains of Earth House

Score Acquisition

EVENT Air Earth Fire Water
Indonesian Independence Day Air / 246 Earth / 217    Fire / 254 Water / 234
IH Swimming Competition  Air / 6175 Earth / 2000          Fire / 6250 Water / 3425
IH Badminton / Volleyball
IH Football
Challenge Cup Air / 769 Earth / 828 Fire / 740 Water / 516
IH Basketball
Total       7190     3045       7244 4175