IB Diploma

Student centred globally recognised curriculum adding wings to the student’s profile

Beacon Academy, we provide a warm and caring environment, which encourages learning through inquiry, academic rigour and international mindedness. Our IB Diploma Programme gives students the opportunity to study a range of subjects in 5-6 subject areas, while still focusing in-depth on subjects that they wish to pursue at a university level.

Students study each subject for two years and are assessed through Research Projects which take place throughout the two years, and external examinations which are held at the end of the second year. The IB Diploma Programme is a well-respected curriculum recognized by universities throughout the world.

The additional subjects in the Core of the Diploma Programme (Creativity, Activity and Service; Theory of Knowledge, Extended Essay) provide the students with additional skills need for both further education and the workforce. This includes collaborative work, critical thinking and problem solving, communication skills and creativity.

Beacon Academy provides many opportunities inside and outside the classroom for senior students to engage in activities that develop their leadership skills and prepare them for further education.

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