Moment of Appreciation to the Nation

There is a quote from the first president of Indonesia, Soekarno saying:

“A great nation is a nation that appreciates the services of its heroes.”

We always remember this quote as our spirit to build our nation. Every 17th August, people of Indonesia celebrate their independence day. Also in month of August India celebrate their independence on 15th August.  During these moments usually we hear national songs performed in singing or music playing in various media.  People are so enthusiastic to recall the memory back, paying respect to the heroes and to show their love and spirit to the Nation. Because of the pandemic situation, we could not celebrate together in a big ceremony as always, however the spirit must stay in our heart and here below is what students of Beacon Academy say about national song.

By: Ray Jeffryn

National Songs

National songs are musical compositions usually created based on a country’s pride and perseverance. National songs are usually adopted by the nation’s government. The lyrics in most national songs include messages about the nation’s history, struggles and achievements. For example the national anthem “Indonesia Raya” is used to show the nation’s pride, independence and glory. Other examples of Indonesian national songs include; Halo-Halo Bandung, Indonesia Pusaka, Kebyar-Kebyar and many more.

The music elements found in national songs differ from nation to nation. For example the countries of Latin America, Central Asia, and Europe tend towards more ornate and operatic pieces. Many Indonesian songs such as folk songs use traditional instruments for their national songs and they have various mood in each song.

Nowadays, national songs are used for big events and crowds like a sports event, an independence day and other national events. For many nations, students sing their national anthems during school assemblies and performances. Most Indonesian citizens know the lyrics to their national anthem because of school events etc. Unfortunately many children nowadays do not pay attention to the importance of national songs and anthems.

The most famous and important composers and compositions of Indonesian songs include: Indonesia Raya which is the national anthem of Indonesia, was composed by Wage Rudolph Supratman; Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, composed by Binsar Sitompul and A. Thalib and Indonesia Pusaka composed by Ismail Marzuki.

By: Veronica Yap /8R

National Songs

A national anthem is usually a patriotic musical piece that evokes the history, traditions, and struggles of its citizens. Examples of national songs include Indonesia Pusaka, Tujuh Belas Agustus, Satu Nusa satu Bangsa, and many more.

National anthems are usually about the country’s struggles, history or tradition. They are almost always upbeat and include elements of their traditional music. For example, the Indian national anthem is mainly about the countries struggles throughout history. It’s written and sung in Bengali Sanskrit.

Vande Mataram is India’s national song. Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay wrote it 144 years ago. It was first a poem written in Sanskrit, but over the years it has been adapted and altered to turn into a song over the years. It features instruments native to India such as the tabla, the sitar, and a veena.

Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay was not only a musician but also a novelist and an esteemed writer. But his only musical piece was Vande Mataram.

By: Vihaan Jain Y8

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