Student Council

School Captains

We, the Student Council, aim to create an environment where students thrive academically and creatively. The creative minds at Beacon Academy never fail to bring their unique thoughts and ideas to the table and we hope to enact upon them to the best of our abilities. With the ongoing pandemic, our goal is to provide students with a platform wherein they can feel attached to the essence of Beacon Academy. Therefore, we aim to push for various activities and events inclusive to all students such as the BA Model United Nations, TOK conference, Esports tournament and many more to come! We believe that these events and activities will be an embodiment of Beacon’s philosophy; imagine, create and innovate and make the students true Beaconites. We are honoured to be chosen as the voice of the students and shall take every stride for the betterment of the student body. 

Abhimanyu Danny Nanwani & Pranati Chalasani (Y12) - School Captains

School Activities Coordinator

School activities are essential to students as it helps them enhance their time management skills, organising skills, and self-confidence. These experiences are required and would certainly support them in their future endeavours. As the School Activities Coordinator, I plan annual activities and create new activities that would benefit the students as much as possible, working closely with the other coordinators and teachers to successfully fulfill these goals.

Elenna Patricia (Y12) - School Activities Coordinator
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