Beacon Champions in Bangkok: Tournament of the Minds



Beacon Academy won 1st Place in five categories (out of eight) at the Tournament of Minds (TOM) held in Bangkok on Sunday, March 25, 2018.

Tournament of Minds is a creative and critical problem solving, challenging and competitive programme that aims to showcase skills of students in time management, enterprise, communication and collaboration. 21 schools with 71 teams and 497 students from five countries participated in the event.

The Competition comprised of four disciplines which come with challenging and competitive scenarios: The Arts, Language and Literature, Social Sciences and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

Our students participated in the following categories:

Language and Literature
Beacon Alphas under the guidance of Mr Lester: Saira, Rainald, Pranati, Edric, Saheen, Abinav, Ritisha

Social Science
Beacon Knights  under the guidance of Mr Mike: Sidney, Kunal, Jasmine, Abhimanyu, Kellen, Krisha, Hashita
Beacon Bears under the guidance of Mr Riski:
Krish, Saisha, Maureen, Michelle, Billy, Zara, Mishka

Science and Technology 
Beacons of Hope under the guidance of Ms Anna:
Faith, Gerard, Oliver, Adhisya, Suhani, Veronica

Language and Literature
Beacon Royals under the guidance of Ms Charlene:
Audrey, Sukrit, Avisha, Gareth, Claudia, Pranav

Engineering and Mathematics 
Beaconators under the guidance of Ms.Laura: Reva, Tanush, Carlisha, Tanisha, Phoebe, Vihaan

Results of the Tournament :

Beacon Royals won 1st Place in Language and Literature Challenge (Primary Division) and won BEST OVERALL.
Beacon Alphas won 1st Place in Language and Literature Challenge (Secondary Division). 
Beacon Knights won 1st Place in Social Science Challenge (Secondary Division).
Beacons of Hope won 1st Place in Science and Technology (Primary Division).
Beaconators won 1st Place in Engineering and Mathematics (Primary Division).

All the five teams which won the competition will be competing with other teams from across the globe in Australia in October, 2018.

Congratulations to all the teams and their mentors for their perseverance and hard work.


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