2024 Challenge Cup

The Challenge Cup event sparked a lively atmosphere of athleticism and camaraderie, bringing together students from all the four houses to display their talents and team spirit!

This year’s theme paved the way for a competition that went beyond mere physical strength, creating an environment where participants pushed their boundaries and celebrated the essence of sportsmanship.

To kick off the event, participants engaged in group challenges that not only entertained but also tested their physical endurance and ability to collaborate. From the junior schools’ circle shoot and flag tag, adding fun and excitement to the occasion, to the middle and senior schools’ AMRAP games and dodgeball, every challenge required resilience and teamwork.

As anticipation mounted, athletes prepared for the main events, showcasing the fundamental aspects of athletics: sprinting, hurdling, relay races, and high jump. The track served as a stage for students to demonstrate their speed, agility, and jumping skills, captivating spectators with impressive displays of athleticism.

The Earth House emerged as a standout example of excellence, claiming victory and earning the prestigious Challenge cup. Their commitment, teamwork, and unwavering determination throughout the challenges and main events propelled them to success, leaving a lasting impact on all who witnessed their triumph.

The Challenge Cup event not only celebrated physical prowess but also embodied the values of sportsmanship, perseverance, and solidarity. It underscored Beacon’s dedication to holistic development, nurturing not only academic achievement but also fostering a culture of athleticism and unity among its students. As cheers rang out across the campus and medals sparkled in the sunlight, the spirit of the Challenge Cup event resonated, inspiring the students to unleash their athletic potential and strive for excellence.


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