The school offers scholarships to students in Middle and Senior School.

Academic Scholarships

The aim is to enable us to select candidates who will be the academic leaders in their year group. We are looking for highly intelligent students who demonstrate genuine intellectual curiosity and enthusiasm for learning.

Academic scholarships are available at 3 entry points:

  • Year 9 (IGCSE)
  • Year 10 (Beacon Foundation Programme)
  • Year 11 (IB Diploma)
Extra-curricular Scholarships

We offer Extra-curricular Scholarships in Visual Arts, Drama, Music, Dance and Sports. Candidates can hold a maximum of one scholarship. Extra-curricular scholarships are available to external candidates at all entry points from Year 7 – Year 11.

  1. Fill in the Scholarship Information Request form.
  2. Select the date to visit the Academy for a placement test and interview.
  3. You will receive an email with a Scholarship Application Form and required documents for submission. The form must be completed and required documents attached prior to your visit.

For more information, please email