Beacon Academy Scholarships 2021-2022 for students in Middle School and Senior School

The aim of Beacon Academy Scholarship program is to recognize high-level achievement and enthusiasm for learning in their specific criteria, with the opportunity to develop their full potential. The Scholarships are awarded to qualified students on the basis of academic merit, leadership potential, special talents or other personal traits in students.

We offer three types of Scholarships, candidates can hold a maximum of one scholarship.

  • Academic Scholarships

Outstanding new students can apply for Academic Scholarship. Applicant should have achieved exemplary academic result in the areas of English, Math and Science. For Year 11 entry, applicant should have achieved a minimum of 5 A* and above and no grade below B in the IGCSE result.

  • Arts Scholarships

Applicants should show aptitude in one major Dance, Visual Art and/or Drama over the course of the entire academic year. Applicant with Music background, should show aptitude in minimum one major instrument or a 6+ in ABRSM.

  • Sports Scholarships

Applicants should show aptitude in two major sports. Applicable for with outstanding new students or continuing Sports Exhibition students.

Scholarships are available at 5 entry points:

  • Year 7 (Cambridge & IMYC)
  • Year 8 (Cambridge & IMYC)
  • Year 9 (IGCSE)
  • Year 10 Beacon Foundation Program (Oxford AQA)
  • Year 11 (IB Diploma)
  • Relevant Academic and English entry requirements must be met to be eligible for the Scholarship Program
  • The number of Scholarships available is limited and not all eligible students may receive an award
  • Students must accept Letter of Offer within 5 working days, otherwise, the Scholarship offer will be withdrawn and made available to the next eligible applicant.
How to apply:
  1. Fill in the Scholarship Application Form.
  2. You will receive an email with a Scholarship Docket and required documents for submission. The form must be completed with the required documents attached prior to the test date.
  3. Taking a placement Test (Math & English) and Interview (by appointment) at Beacon Academy.

Contact Beacon Academy at for more information.

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