Early Years

Why Choose Beacon Preschool?

• Beacon Preschool focuses on inquiry-based and play-based learning in a stimulating learning environment that bring the natural world into the classroom thus making education an enjoyable experience for the child.

• Our learning center provides the perfect environment for a safe, happy and exciting experience for your child’s early years education bringing about a positive attitude towards learning from day 1.

• Endless opportunities for learning are provided throughout the day.

Beacon Preschool

The Beacon Preschool follows the same core beliefs and thrusts held true across the school. It takes the best practices used in Early Childhood Education to the benefit of each child. It is a child centred, holistic programme, wherein learners take active ownership of their learning, achieved through continuous and dynamic engagement. Play and hands-on learning is at the core of this engagement, as research has shown that young children learn best through play.

It has been proven that the optimal development and learning happens during a person’s early years as the brain is wired to benefit from authentic learning experiences. Therefore “PLAY” is a key element in the Beacon Preschool . It is a tool for educators to strategise, teach, assess and plan for the young learners to stimulate their creativity, resourcefulness, minds and agency. Through play, students learn social, cognitive, psychomotor, language and critical thinking skills. It teaches them to work in groups, express themselves, handle real life problems and situations. It gives them a hands-on understanding of the people and world around them and allows them to construct meaning about them.

Play In Beacon

Beacon Preschool is committed to bringing play into young learners lives by creating these learning experiences in the classroom. This happens through the relationship built between the learners and their teachers. Teachers serve as facilitators of play through:

• Creating and maintaining an engaging learning environment

• Dedicating time for play within the classroom and in a natural environment

• Observing and taking note of learner’s thinking processes, interests, and explanations, and responding to them to extend learning

• Monitoring and documenting learning and development

• Scaffolding learning experiences for the class and each student.

What is an IB Education?

“The IB continuum of international education for 3-19 year olds is unique because of its academic and personal rigour. We challenge students to excel in their studies and in their personal growth. We aim to inspire a quest for learning throughout life that is marked by enthusiasm and empathy. The IB aspires to help schools develop well-rounded students with character: students who can respond to challenges with optimism and an open-mind; students confident in their own identities; students who make ethical decisions; students who join with others in celebrating our common humanity; students who are prepared to apply what they learn in real world, complex and unpredictable situations.

The IB offers high-quality programmes of international education that share a powerful vision. An IB education is informed by the values described in the learner profile and:

• Entres on learners – the IB’s student-centred programmes promote healthy relationships, ethical responsibility and personal challenge

• Develops effective approaches to teaching and learning IB programmes help students to develop the attitudes and skills they need for both academic and personal success

• Works within global contexts – IB programmes increase understanding of languages and cultures, and explore globally significant ideas and issues

• Explores significant content – IB programmes offer a curriculum that is broad and balanced, conceptual and connected.

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