The Virtues Project

At Beacon, one of our primary goals is to foster the growth of children with good character. In our Junior and Middle Schools, we adopt a comprehensive approach that integrates character development into every facet of school life. Throughout our entire school community, we wholeheartedly embrace The Virtues Project’s Five Strategies, which serve as the cornerstone of our character education initiative.

The Virtues Projectâ„¢ has achieved international recognition for its excellence in fostering the development of personal and social skills that lead to the cultivation of good character. Within our framework, The Virtues Project serves as the cornerstone of our educational approach. It plays a central role in nurturing the character of our students and in building positive, peaceful, and cooperative learning environments.

This project is firmly rooted in the values and virtues cherished by various cultures and world religions. Its mission is to provide empowering strategies that inspire the application of virtues in everyday life, recognizing that virtues are the essential building blocks of character.

A Virtues-Based Education

While the language of The Virtues Project forms the foundation of all our endeavors, we have also implemented a structured program to promote its principles. This program comprises the following elements:
  1. Focus Virtue We introduce a specific virtue each week during Homeroom.
  2. Virtues Reflections We provide opportunities to reflect upon and acknowledge the core virtues we observe in one another.
  3. Utilizing the Five Strategies These strategies are employed to integrate virtues into all aspects of school life. They include:
    • Speaking the Language of the Virtues
    • Recognizing Teachable Moments
    • Setting Clear Boundaries
    • Honoring the Spirit
    • Practicing the Art of Companioning
Throughout the week, we consistently apply the language of virtues in our interactions with students. This includes acknowledging positive behaviors, preparing students for situations requiring specific virtues, and providing correction to help a child reintegrate into the community.We purposefully integrate the virtues within our unit plans. This ensures that students understand how virtues are demonstrated in the real world, and are able to connect curriculum expectations with life experiences.We run workshops for teachers and parents on a regular basis. For more information about The Virtues Project, please visit their website.