2024 Junior School Week Without Walls

School camp brings with it many opportunities to build relationships and develop skills. School camps shift students and staff to new contexts, which can be a golden opportunity for all learners to showcase different strengths and present new aspects of their personality. The camps build better relationships outside the classroom to bring back into the classroom.

This is exactly what our Week Without Walls did for our students of Y2-Y5. It opened an unexpected treasure trove for our learners. Y2 and Y3 went on a night trip to Bamboo Sanctuary Pancawati, Bogor. Onsite, the students actively participated in planting in paddy fields and fishing. The exercises during the day were invigorating and refreshing. Students were introduced to Indonesian traditional games like Bakiak, Congklak, Bekel, Ketapel, Gobak Sodor, Engklek and Gatrik. Through these activities, the students learned to trust each other and they supported each other’s endevours.  The food served during the trip was relished by all.

Our Y4 and Y5  students went for a 3-day and 2-night stay in Bandung. Upon arrival, they were immediately whisked off to the Vegetables Research and Standardization Center (BALITSA/BPSI) where they learned different aspects of farming and seed standardization. The highlight of the camp was the one-line flying fox ride which gave the students an instant adrenaline rush and was considered as the favourite activity by the students. They were enthralled with different activities throughout their camp tenure. There were loud peals of laughter and friendly jibes as the students shared interesting anecdotes and experiences during the campfire.

The objective of providing a sensory experience of being in the lap of nature, understanding the interdependence of man with nature and learning to relate with the team activities were successfully met during the Week Without Walls.


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