Beacon Academy Global Awareness Conference

Beacon Academy Celebrates Global Awareness: A Conference Highlighting Interconnectedness

Beacon Academy organized its first-ever Global Awareness Conference on 18 March 2024. We take pride in conceiving and hosting schools from the Greater Jakarta area for this unique and novel event. This conference brought together students from many schools to discuss and raise awareness about pressing global issues while exploring the theme, ‘From Pixels to People’. Students from five/5 schools participated in the games and discussions and delved into real-world connections using their understanding of various academic disciplines, demonstrating how knowledge transcends borders and fosters a deeper understanding of the global context.

The Global Awareness conference was a great opportunity to deepen their understanding of issues about technology for a social impact and explore ways to make a positive impact within their communities. The diverse range of perspectives that the students developed through this conference gave students a well-rounded understanding of the complex relationship between technology and society. Beacon Academy’s “From Pixels to People” conference set a new standard for engaging students with global issues. By incorporating interactive games and activities, the conference ignited a passion for learning and empowered students to become responsible digital citizens in an ever-evolving world.


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