Beacon Foundation Program (BFP)

About Beacon Foundation Program (BFP)

In Indonesia, students complete their national examination in year 9 and look forward to joining the IB Diploma program for Yr 11 & 12. This program will give students the necessary skills to pursue the academically rigorous IB Diploma Programme.

We at Beacon Academy offer a foundation program for the students coming from the national or other curriculums in parallel to the existing IGCSE program. Students joining Beacon Academy in Yr 10 are enrolled in the Beacon Foundation program (BFP), which will be challenging and a mixture of essential subjects for the Diploma program.

This foundation program gives students the exposure to a range of subjects that lead to the IB Diploma Program courses offered in Yr 11 & 12. This course provides the appropriate depth so that students can select from a strong foundation of skill and understanding.

Learning Areas

Compulsory Subjects

  1. BFP English Language and Literature or English as additional language
  2. Bahasa or Mandarin
  3. Mathematics
  4. GCSE Plus

Sciences (Must choose at least one subject)

  1. Physics
  2. Chemistry
  3. Biology

Art (Must choose at least one subject)

  1. Art
  2. Dance
  3. Music


  1. Research Skills
  2. Critical Thinking Skills
  3. Service

These students will appear for the year end assessment at the end of the year with a combination of the IGCSE and internal examinations. At the end of the Year 10, students will receive an IGCSE certificate from the University of Cambridge Examinations and a Beacon certificate of completion of the course.

These students will then be admitted to the Year 1 of the DP program. The transition process is open and inclusive and relies upon a partnership between students, parents and the school. Students on successful completion of the IB Diploma or Courses will be eligible to secure admissions in Universities in Indonesia and Abroad.

The College advisory services of the School will assist the students in securing admissions in the country of their choice subject to ful filment of the University admission requirements. Students are eligible to apply for the financial aid to the universities for scholarships for their future course of study.

The Beacon Scholar’s Program

Students with exceptional scores in their Year 9 examinations and also in the placement test held at school, will be eligible for scholarships ranging from 50% -100% of the tuition fee at Beacon during their three years of study, subject to sustained meritorious performance.

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