Arts Facilities

At Beacon, we take Arts to another level with our state of the art facilities and deep curriculum integration.


Arts at Beacon include Visual Art, Sculpture making, Music, Dance and Drama. The curriculum offered is a diverse one with clearly defined age appropriate learning outcomes. The Students showcase their talent through ‘Celebration of Learning’ in the Junior School, Various performances in Middle and Senior School. Competitions like the ‘Voice’ and ‘Step into Dance’ provide an opportunity to compete in a cordial environment. Clubs like the Music Club, Dance Club, Publications and Photography provide an avenue for exploring the creative and the intellectual prowess of each student.

The School firmly believes that it is the love and appreciation for these arts that the student will take forward for the rest of their lives.

Beacon Theatre

A 514-seater state of the art auditorium that has proudly hosted important arts, cultural, social and professional development events.

Visual Arts Studios

The Academy boasts 3 Visual Arts studios

Dance Studios

Our award-winning dance troupes prepare themselves in 3 purpose-built studios

Music Studios

The Academy has 2 music studios, a band room, and five private music rooms for individual tuition

Film and Media

The Academy will be building a Film and Media production room in the near future.

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