Junior School Student Council

At Beacon Academy, we believe in empowering our students to take an active role in shaping their educational experience. The Student Council stands as a dynamic platform where student voices are heard, ideas are nurtured, and positive change is fostered.​

Throughout the years, our student council at Beacon Academy has consistently upheld a promise of propelling our school towards higher achievements and reaching significant milestones annually. Standing here today, as I reflect on the myriad activities we’ve undertaken, it’s truly awe-inspiring to witness the unwavering passion and dedication that our council members have invested in their work. Whether orchestrating dynamic “Inter House Activities” or representing Beacon Academy in competitive Inter-school events, our commitment has been steadfast in showcasing to the public that Beacon is a school brimming with potential and success. Each accomplishment, from the notable to the subtle, stands as a testament to the collective effort and tireless commitment of our student body. Importantly, none of these feats would have been possible without the robust support of our tight-knit community and the inspiration drawn from our peers. It’s the growing faith and trust within the team that has been the driving force behind our success, reinforcing the idea that, at Beacon Academy, we are not merely a school but a community dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what is achievable.

Looking ahead, with the continuous support and collaboration, our student council is poised to lead Beacon Academy to even greater heights.

M. Sabri Suryanegara and Krisha Mahbubani​
School Captain

I have been in the student council for over 2 years and I have collaborated with many different student council members from each category. I have practiced my leadership skills, my confidence, etc. Being on the student council has responsibilities and duties. We have to be on our best behavior because we are Beacon´s role models. The teachers really encourage us to achieve our goals and try our best no matter what.​

Gia Nawani​
Junior School’s School Captain

In my experience of over 2 years in student council, I have collaborated with all the community in student council, and it is very important to have great teamwork and communicate with others. We have many events where the student council needs to work together and collaborate to make an extraordinary event. We are all proud to be members of the student council.​ 

Zahaan Daryanani
Junior School’s School Captain