PYP Exhibition: A Journey of Passion and Inquiry

Year 5 students at our school began their PYP Exhibition journey in Term 1, showcasing the culmination of their primary years through dynamic and collaborative projects.

This year, the chosen Transdisciplinary Theme was ‘Sharing the Planet’, providing a broad and engaging context for exploration.

To kickstart the process, students revisited the foundational elements of the Primary Years Programme. Through activities and group discussions, they refreshed their understanding of the six Transdisciplinary Themes, Approaches to Learning skills, key concepts, and Learner Profile attributes. Reflecting on their past PYP experiences and current passions, students shared their preferences in one-on-one interviews with teachers. This reflection helped them narrow down their choices, ensuring projects driven by genuine curiosity.

After the semester break, students formed groups based on shared passions. They developed strong Central Ideas and Lines of Inquiry, collaborating to refine their focus and deepen their understanding. With mentors from both Senior and Junior Schools, students delved deeper into their topics. Continuous reflection and planning sessions were integral, helping them navigate challenges and plan their actions and presentations. Some groups interacted with guest speakers, went on field trips, or conducted surveys, enriching their projects with diverse perspectives and real-world relevance.

As the exhibition progressed, students shifted their focus to taking action, creating awareness, and making a difference. Their projects ranged from informational campaigns to small community initiatives, embodying the spirit of ‘Sharing the Planet.’ The Exhibition was a celebration of their hard work, creativity, and inquiry. Our Year 5 students demonstrated remarkable dedication and passion, deepening their understanding of global issues and developing invaluable skills and attributes. Students worked in 8 groups focussing on these Global issues:

  • Good Health and Well-being: Makio Himawan and Theodore Ashton Muliawan explored the relationship between sports, health, and well-being, emphasizing teamwork, resilience, and healthy habits.
  • Affordable and Clean Energy: Avishai Tarun Gurbani, Michael Yerico, and Eshaan Sanjeev Punjabi advocated for renewable energy, highlighting its importance for sustainability.
  • Digital Citizenship: Cayden Nathaniel Setia Guna, Taara Ayiliya Subhiksa, and Kyle Lleyton Ang promoted safe online practices and resolving digital conflicts.
  • Clean Water and Sanitation: Zahaan Daryanani and Arya Daniel Hiranandani emphasized the importance of clean water and responsible usage for future generations.
  • Peace and Equality: Gabrielle Santoso, Margaret Ashley Muliawan, Gia Faye Franchesca Nawani, and Giosky Wijaya Lim explored how peace fosters well-being and community collaboration.
  • Animals and Human Rights: Fayesha Gwenn Tanurahardja, Madeline Mercia Pangaribuan, and Louis Travis Suryadi examined the impact of human activities on animals and advocated for conservation.
  • Right to Education and Empowerment: Regina Caeli Alamsyah, Caithlyn Patricia, Anaaya Melwani, and Lavinia Ramiska Pinem highlighted the transformative impact of education on society.
  • Life Below Water: Winston Jonathan Rusli and Saheel Dinesh Tolani studied marine conservation efforts and the impact of human activities on ocean life.

Students also showcased their creativity by designing interactive games, making the Exhibition both engaging and educational. These games served as a creative way to share their research work, allowing participants to actively engage with and learn about the various projects. The interactive element added a fun and dynamic dimension to the Exhibition, making it an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

The PYP Exhibition is not just an academic requirement; it is a significant milestone in our students’ educational journey. It reflects their ability to inquire, collaborate, and take meaningful action. As we conclude this year’s Exhibition, we are incredibly proud of our students’ achievements. Their dedication, creativity, and hard work are a testament to the strength of our educational community. We look forward to witnessing the positive impact they will continue to make in the world.


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