Year 5 Students Foster Community Spirit Through Service Learning Project

Year 5 students at Beacon Academy recently embarked on a heartwarming service learning project as part of their PYP Exhibition action plan. This initiative aimed to build bridges between communities by welcoming students from the Pondok Domba Pademangan school, also known as the Under the Bridge School, Jakarta, to Beacon Academy.

The day kicked off with a lively “getting-to-know-you” game, breaking the ice and fostering instant connections. This was followed by a fun and interactive origami session, where students from both schools learned the art of paper folding together.

The excitement continued with engaging team-building games led by the parents. Witnessing parents actively participate added a special touch, creating a truly collaborative atmosphere. After a well-deserved snack break, the spotlight shifted to student-led sessions. Students from both Beacon Academy and the Under the Bridge School showcased their talents and interests through presentations or activities they prepared themselves.

The day culminated in a delicious lunch enjoyed by everyone. To mark the special occasion, Beacon Academy, on behalf of both the school and participating parents, presented the students from the Under the Bridge School with tokens of appreciation. This service learning project beautifully demonstrated the power of collaboration in building bridges between communities. Through interactive games, shared activities, and student-led presentations, the Year 5 students fostered understanding, friendship, and a sense of social responsibility amongst themselves and their peers.


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